Common errors about diet

7/5/2017 2:11:06 PM


Common errors about diet

Eat one meal a day or food deprivation

You should eat several meals a day in small amounts, especially breakfast and abstain from eating late

Refrain from eating fat because it causes weight gain

Unsaturated fats such as raw nuts, olive oil and sesame oil should be taken to maintain the beauty of the skin and

supply the body with energy

Play the sport early on an empty stomach

Eat a small amount of food, even juice or milk juice to extend the body with the necessary energy

Take conclusive chemotherapy drugs to avoid weight gain

Avoid taking conclusive chemical preparations for appetite because they are very harmful and replace them with natural preparations such as #safacare

Take two tablespoons of vinegar in the morning on an empty stomach to burn fat

Mix a little vinegar with a warm water cup and pay attention if there are infectious problems

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