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The beard is consider a distinctive feature of most men and many of them seek to take care of it and maintain the health of its appearance and because Safa Care cares for you, you have chosen the beard Serum to care of both your beard and mustache,  this formula contains the extract of tea tree oil, which helps in the germination of missing hair and a extract Clove oil has an effect on the growth of hair and the health of its appearance  in addition the Neem herb extract known for its properties anti-inflammatory and fungal  , In addition to the aloe vera extract that Softens skin and strengthening of the hair follicle  , in addition to containing the most luxurious types of royal essential oils such as sandal wood, bitter orange oil and lavender aromatic oil ,The combination of these aromatic oils gives a wonderful touch and aromatic smell lasts for a long time. It is recommended to apply a few drops of the product on the beard with a massage for a few minutes to get a healthy beard and attractive appearance

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Dear sir , I brought 1 but in once a day how many time we need to apply this and any ither procdure that which soap we should have to you and side effects of this please let me know . Thank


والله روعة مشكورييين

خير الدين

استعملته وبدأ انبات الشعر في اللحية متى تظهر النتيجة والنهائية ؟؟؟؟

عدنان الجنون

رائع واكثر من رائع جربته والنتيجة حلوة كتيررررر

وليد عيضه عثمان الزهراني

Mohd faiz

Tell me how to use of this product how many times use in 1 day

محمد خميس شريف

اناسيد. لمتوني اوريد هذا المنتج

عدنان ياسين

منتج روعة انا جربته وعم استفاد عليه كتير نتائج تجنن

عدنان ياسين

منتج روعة انا جربته وعم استفاد عليه كتير نتائج تجنن

كم سعرها بالمصري

كم سعرها بالمصري


Imran Ali Khan

Hair oil good product



انا استخدمتو من اول بدت النتيجة تظهر مشكورين عمنتجاتكم الرائعة


هل يوجد في تركيا وفي اي محافظا

الورد الجوري

كم مره اضع منه

الورد الجوري

كم مره اضع منه